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The most respected name in fitness certification has teamed up with Team360 Personal Training Academy and CityFitness, the largest health club chain in New Zealand to offer world-class education to fitness professionals - both aspiring and experienced. For the past 30 years, the National Academy of Sports Medicine has been world-renowned for the quality of their personal trainers and the scientific rigor of their program. NASM offers a Certified Personal Training program along with specialisations that can take your personal training skills to a whole new level.

The role of a fitness professional has progressed from being someone that simply shows others how to exercise into the most critical components in a new health care community. Therefore, the resources needed to support this elevated position must change from the collection of independent experts offering opinions to an integrated system of education, business systems, and tools proven to get results for you and your client.

Team360 provides a complete 360 degree solution for today’s health and fitness professional from initial qualification, sales and marketing training, job placement, through to advanced specializations. Our comprehensive system gives you everything you need to successfully coach and communicate with your clients, while making it simple to manage all aspects of your personal training business.

As a fitness professional, our business is to help people get to their fitness goals. NASM is the gold standard of the industry in my eyes. When I see NASM ont he application, I know that the candidate wants to grow in the industry and has a solid foundation.

Robert McCullough
UFC Gym Senior Director of MMA & Former WEC World Champion
The NASM OPTTM Model has been my foundation for training for more than 20 years. It has provided me with the knowledge and confidence I need to help and get any client to any goal in a systematic and progressive way that's supported by research. I am so grateful and honoured to be a part os the NASM family and supported by such a great team, as it's been instrumental to my growth and development as a professional.

Wendy Batts
Assistant Professor in Undergraduate and Graduate, California University of Pennsylvania
NASM is the absolute best! I could not feel more confident about the education I'm implementing with my clients. Having grown with NASM over the years, I'm so proud to see their constant evolution. They have set me up with my top-notch education - it's current and relevant. There's no denying that NASM is always striving to produce the best of the best with their fitness professionals and their coontinuous efforts for outstanding education.

Maricris Lapaix
Creator of Busy Bodies Jumpstart Transformations
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